The “Bull Block” is specifically used in goldsmith production cycles. It is particularly employed during drawing operations.
Drawing consists of the gradual decrease of metallic strand section (made of noble materials).
During this process the filament is passed forcibly through fitting shaped drawing bushing (called dies). The machine can be equipped in one or two drawing station.


The driving power exerted by the collection reel on the wire allows the wire to be pulled through specific shaped dies and then adjusted to the required size and/or section.
The “Bull Block” can be equipped with a 300mm or 500mm diameter reel, this is decided depending on the size of the annealing oven used.
The 4Kw motor with 1:40 gearbox allows you to have the necessary force to carry out various reductions or changes in wire section. During the drawing phase it is possible to use 2 reduction dies, using the specific supports installed on the machine.
The speed variator and water/oil lubrication are the important accessories that allow the end user to obtain excellent results.


Dimensions: 160cm x 110cm x h170cm (without spool)
Electrical power supply: 380v + 220v – 50Hz + earth
Total electrical power: 4Kw
Weight: 380Kg
Noise on work place: 75 dB(A)