This machine can be used for the production of the “fantasia” chain, earrings, pendants and several types of semi-finished. Thanks to the use of PLC this machine can create different type of shapes without the need of replacing any tools but only modifying the programming parameters of the PLC. 


This is a machine capable of winding not only the circular wire but any kind of solid wire section, “aggraffato” wire with copper, square section, oval or rectangular only by changing the dragging wheels. Thanks to the PLC it is possible to create any kind of shape and save these programs up to 90 different memories. The machine can read the copper line located in the wire using the electronic wire-guide and can cut the links in three different ways:

  • automatic saw for the production of earring without rejects
  • with vertical knives for the production of single links
  • with horizontal knives to directly cuts spirals of links


Dimensions: 1100 mm X 820 mm X 1650 mm (H) reel excluded
Load less weight: around 220 Kg
Estimated work system: Automatic
Work management: through PLC
Metal wire that can be used: Minimum Ø: 0.5 mm / Maximum Ø: 5 mm
Electricity: 220 V – 50 Hz – 0.6 kW – 0.46 A