This machine can be used for the production of “fantasia” chain, for the production of earrings, pendants from tubes and for several semi-finished products of various types; 

AVA4 through to the use of the PLC is able to create shapes without the need of replacing any tools but only and EXCLUSIVELY modifying the programming parameter in the PLC. 


AVA4 with PLC is the updated version of the automatic coiling machine for wires, tube and plate.
It’s  a  machine able  to  bend  in  addition  to  the  round wire also other section of solid wire ,such as square, oval, rectangular wire etc…, changing only the wire towing rollers. AVA4 is equipped with 3 couple of towing rollers (for wire, tube or plate) which guarantees greater towing power and precision ; also the bending system had been increased and updated, it guarantees greater stability with larger Ø wires. This machine, differently from the previous model, is able to bend in 2 opposite directions, allowing you to create even more shapes like: barbs, hooks, hearts, 8-shaped links etc.
AVA4 offers the possibility to bend and work also with plates of different widths and thicknesses.
Through the PLC the machine can create any shape and save it, up to a maximum of 90 memories.
The machine can cut the link in 3 different systems:

  • with automatic saw for the production of earring without waste
  • with vertical knives for the production of single links
  • with horizontal knives to directly cut the spirals of links


power supply 220V


steel parts with a detergent oil


Dimension: cm 150 x 92 x h 162, reel excluded
Metal wire that can be used: Ø diam. Minimum 1.0 mm – Ø diam. Maximum 8 mm
Power supply: 220V – 50 Hz – 2.0 kW – 0.46 A
Load less weight: 300kg
Estimated work system: Automatic
Work management: Through PLC
Noise on the work place: Automatic processing with superior carter closed: LP<70 dB/(A)