The WIRE DRAWING MACHINE consists of a steel beam supported at each end by stands.
Protection bars are fixed along the full length  of  the carriage preventing the whiplash  should  the  wire break. The operator works at the front beam support which consists of a steel column inside which the electrical components are fitted protected  by a panel where the interblocked mains switch  and the machine control panel is placed. In this section there is also the pedal, a bench thats functions as  the lubricant collector, the die stop, the chain tension adjuster and the end of run carriage brake. If there is a lubrification system (accessory) it will also be located here.
The opposite support stand contains the following components: the two motors which can be reached by removal of a side panel, the transmission parts, pulleys, belts and gears are protected by a cover complete with a safety switch which is activated on opening.


On request the machine can be supplied in two parts to facilitate the transport of longer versions of the machine.
In this case the machine has a central joint supported by two extra stands and with an electrical cable connector.


Emergency switch which stops the whole machine in any situation.
Transmission component protection cover with a safety switch that is activated once the cover is open stopping the machine.
Switch and brake on the carriage run which avoid percussion of the same against the drawing cones. The machine is started only by the volontary action  of the operator ( the machine will not restart automatically after a power cut).
Pedal which is mechanically blocked to prevent involontary actions.
Command devices in low tension.
The mains switch is blocked to prevent opening of the protection cover while the machine is switched on.


Dimensions: Length upon request x 70cm x h129cm
Traction power: 1500kg
Electrical power supply: 380 V – 50 Hz + earth
Total electrical power: 2,5 Kw
Adjustable power (on request): 1° speed 1.8 Kw – 2° speed 2,5 Kw
Drawing speed: 1° speed 6,5 rpm – 2° speed 13 rpm
Noise on work place: 75 dB(A)