Zone Creative srl was born from the will of its owner Alessandro Donati to look into the world of entrepreneurship in a sector adjacent to that of fashion. Initially, in fact, the company dealt exclusively with design aimed at the creation of fashion accessories and metal components, addressing important brands located in Italy but internationally renowned.

Over the years, the acquisition of mechanical skills has led the company to turn its attention more and more to companies in the field of jewelry, silverware and production of high-level jewelry, supporting these with high-tech machinery and equipment, achieving very important results also in export.

So a company always looking for new challenges, not least, the creation of a new local unit dedicated to the production of surgical masks. A challenge that has generated an important contract with the Italian Civil Protection and has also attracted interest from the French Government and other European public bodies. To date, the company has been certified ISO:9001 and is in possession of 3 automatic lines with a production capacity of about 3,000,000 masks per month, focusing mainly on quality materials MADE IN ITALY and a service of absolute quality.

Recommended use:

Type I/II/IIR medical face mask in accordance with UNI EN 14683:2019, mainly intended for use by healthcare professionals in the operating room or other medical activities with similar requirements. One particular case, also covered by European legislation on medical devices, is where the wearer wishes to protect himself from splashes of potentially contaminating liquids.

Type I surgical mask Type II surgical mask Type IIR

  • Model: ZMM-175/I
  • Model: ZMM-175
  • Model: ZMM-175/R
  • Standard pack of 10pcs
  • Fabric: 100% Polypropylene (see supplier data sheet)
  • Configuration: SMS
  • outer layer: TNT 100% polypropylene Spunbond 25gr.
  • middle layer: TNT 100% polypropylene Melt Blown 25gr. – inner layer: TNT 100% polypropylene Spunbond 25gr.

Technical Data:

  • BFE: 99.6%
  • Breathability: 23,7 Pa/cm2
  • Biocompatibility: Compatible according to standard

Biocompatibility: Compatible according to standard

  • Measures 17,5cm x 9.5cm

Class I medical device – CND T020601- member to the National Medical Devices Directory n. 1971512/R


  • Customisation of packing according to your needs.
  • Wide range of colours (see photo)
  • Customisation of the individual template with your printed logo